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Produkt Sol Ltd

We are the manufacturer of high quality special salts, based on vacuum salt from Wieliczka. In our offer you will find cosmetic, edible and industrial salts. Every month we process about 1000 tons of salt. Modern technologies allow us to regularly improve the quality of our products. It is the high quality which brings the trust of ever increasing group of our contracting parties. As a result, more than 500 companies and wholesalers buy our salt.

Our products are present in every household. In the kitchen edible range “Salvita” dietetic salt and vacuum iodized salt give food healthy balance and taste and are irreplaceable in diet and prevention of many illnesses. In the bathroom “Kinga” bath salt and “Regis” foot salt help in looking after your beauty and good mood.

Our salt also finds usage in many different industries. Tablet salt is used to soften water by power and thermal industry as well as catering and hotel industry. Vacuum non-iodized salt is indispensable in food processing industry.

Produkt Sol Wieliczka